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What the heck's a blesson?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

By diving in - you are committing to a two way street! No passive reading of content. Blessons are designed to invoke self-reflection. I am choosing to share real life stories and my own evolution, shadows and learnings in hopes that you choose to walk along side me and reflect on your own life. I like to think about life as a choose your own adventure - because it IS! Let's turn the page...

Are you ready to dive in and do some up stream swimming? Minimal floating around allowed!

“Will you rise and shine each day to explore and welcome change or will you take comfort in and seek the patterns of the known?”

You may have seen "blessons" and had a brain hiccup on the word. It doesn’t officially exist, but it should! In my mind, (and creative spirit) a “blesson” can be one of two things

  1. A Blog + Lesson where you have an opportunity to reflect on the message and meaning, internalize the message and spend time understanding how it relates, reflects and maybe even inspires their own life.

  2. A Blessing + Lesson where you absorb a deeper meaning and an understanding that all of life is designed to teach us. If we stop pushing against what we perceive to be negative and accept all that is, we can find a new peace.

Every day we experience countless learning experiences and an opportunity to grow bigger and brighter.Will you rise and shine each day to explore and welcome change or do you take comfort in patterns and the known?

I hope that this format tweeks your interest. Each blesson will reflect some aspect of my own life. I’ve chosen to dive into my experience and to share. I’ve been learning and growing my entire life, and until now was petrified of being vulnerable and sharing. I now see that who I am, and what I do with this life is important. As it is for you. Maybe you are feeling a pull toward learning, growing and also sharing?

While I could justify staying on the sidelines and learn and grow in my own right, I can no longer ignore a pull to share and open, regardless of the outcome. I believe the simple act of putting oneself out to others will result in growing grace. The world in some ways continues to be fragmented, we all play a part in eliminating the polarity. Our individual sparks will create fire and light for all of us.

These blessons are rooted deep in my personal growth and life. I choose to share my learnings along the journey and ask in the reading of them that you open your heart and mind. Reflect on the message and the questions and see if there are lessons for you. And please, if there are any situations or questions that you feel deeply connected to or repelled against - those are the ones that your soul deserves you to spend time on. Those are the meety, meaningful things where you can learn the most.

I invite you to request a 30 or 60 minute session to dive deeper on what unfolds for you surrounding any specific message. I’ve decided to go all in and share my life in order that I may at a minimum continue my own growth, and maybe, share in a way others seeking transformation, may grow in their own time and in their own unique way.


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