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Shine a light

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Are you a spark or a breeze?

You may have noticed that some of my messages include a reference to “light”. This might be a common or intuitive understanding for you. In my world “light” is synonymous with gratitude, love, understanding, empathy and rising to the occasion even when you think it’s not possible or that your impact will not move the needle in a given situation.

What if each thought you possess resulted in a perceivable impact around you? Positive thoughts creating a light force around you, while negative emotions create a light suck and darkness around you?

Have you ever encountered someone who you felt exhausted after speaking with them for even short bursts of time. There are light vampires around us that thrive off making other people feel sad, sorrow, less. These people steal the light and hope from those of us who feel positive and encounter each situation with hope, solutions and courage.

I encourage you to take stock of where your mind is over the course of a day. The outcome of this exercise will signal if you reside more in the light or the dark. There is nothing wrong with either - much of this comes from our patterning and our history. So many factors impact how we face everything that comes our way. The amazing thing about growth is that once we recognize and truly see something in our behaviour and mindset we have the key to unlocking subtle shifts in consciousness that can propel us forward to feel more present and empowered.

Things for you to contemplate:

  1. When you encounter a challenge are you more inclined to see the problem or potential solutions surrounding the issue? How does this make you feel?

  2. Seeing this try to look at the situation from the exact opposite perspective. How does this make you feel?

  3. Think of a recent situation that created a meaningful positive or negative emotional reaction for you. What was your thought process and outcome? Now if you make yourself see it from the opposite perspective, what do you learn about yourself?

  4. Recognize people around you that you feel steal your energy or promote negativity? And on the flip side - who do you go to for their positivity and understanding?


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