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Who I am....

I will help you navigate change with confidence and clarity to create and live your best life.

As a business executive, mother and personal growth enthusiast, I've always been someone that people confide in and come to for support.

I'm downright passionate about helping people, and I'm translating the 20 plus years of mentoring, managing and supporting those around me in a corporate setting, to focusing my time and talent into life coaching. So many of us are going though deep unease with the changing times, and are asking ourselves what next?

Building on my strong foundations, my own hard work/reflection and my certifications, I'm diving in! 


I'd be honoured to work with you to untap and unleash your full potential.

Cindy your Life Pivot Coach

I'm a single mom, passionate business leader and personal growth enthusiast who has first-hand experience with big life pivots. I've come out the other side of all of them with an appreciation of the hard work and self-grace required to not just survive, but thrive.


And... the bumps and bruises along the way made the transitions all the sweeter.

I'm a working mom. My little guy who is now 13 (going on 20, and taller than me) has been one of the major joys of my life. Learning how to balance parenting, work and finding a little time for me has always been a challenge. And of course I had many days of feeling like I wasn't the best parent, and vowing that the next day I would do better.

I've gone through a divorce and am still great friends with my ex. We support each other and have learned to co-parent well in a different way.

I've gone through incredible career changes. After spending years as an executive with a pretty great salary and job security, I decided that I needed something different. I had spent too many weeks working long hours, at the sacrifice of my health and precious time with my son and family. I had no time or energy left at the end of each day I felt numb, unrewarded and depleted. 

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnoses changed our family forever. And we are learning together how to support each other through our new normal. After my mother experienced a challenge with one of her treatments, I decided it was time to take a break. 

This time...time...time - I had never had this in my adult life. I regret that I even only took 6 months off after having my son. I was so career driven.

Time heals and provides so much clarity. I had time to spend with my parents, helping through appointments and the changes that were happening. I had time to watch a show or cuddle with my son - in the middle of the day! 

I had always dreamed of working for myself, yet experienced the anxiety and fear associated with such a huge shift. Through the grace of time and the knowing that it is now or never, I decided to take the plunge and invest my time and talents for myself and to help others in the way I had always wanted. 

I'm not going back to a full time executive career, instead I am focused on growing and doing things that I love. Coaching, teaching, writing and consulting. 

I've taken a ton of self-awareness courses over the years thinking that I needed to have myself fully figured out before starting a coaching practice. Then I realized - I'll never have it all figured out because life is about experiencing, living, learning and change. 

Through my coaching training I also discovered that heck - it isn't about me at all. It's all about you. And to be a great coach the biggest skills needed are listening, hearing and asking meaningful questions. To guide and not advise. To get out of my head, to hold a space that is purely focused on you.

No one of us has the answers for another. Each of us is unique because of our life experience. Each of us sees, experiences, perceives and moves to the beat of our own drum. I see my role as supporting and holding the space for you to explore and unlock your own answers, your own knowing and your own power. 

I also believe a deep understanding of “CHOICE” is the key to breaking through fear and limiting beliefs to create and embrace change. And change does not always mean a drastic change in circumstance, it can also mean a renewed appreciation for the here and now from a new perspective.

As a lifelong celebrator of kindness and student of graceful being I would be honoured if you choose my support to guide you through your own journey.

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