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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I sit tonight so full of love and faith with a reflection of fear and unknowing. My family may be about to face a huge unravelling.

I sit tonight so full of love and faith with a reflection of fear and unknowing. My family may be about to face a huge unravelling. My mother found a lump in her breast. This immediately strikes fear in our minds - having heard so many stories of what could be. I instead am choosing to find grace and faith in what might be.

As we go through this journey, I understand it is largely my mother’s. Her biggest calling and journey in this life to reflect on her strength, her purpose, her calling. And ours, to walk along-side of her with compassion, understanding and love for each of the choices that brought her to this junction along with her decisions on how to face her challenge.

You see, as much as each of us push and pull to make the best life for others. I believe, each of us chooses and is responsible for our own life.

Others can not and will not force a change that an individual is not open to receive. Sometimes this can be frustrating. Hell - I live with 3 generations in the same household. We all believe that we know.. and that if only another would listen… but it all comes down to a willingness to receive. I am learning that questions asked can be more rewarding than opinions pushed. Each of us is our own master of our universe as our thoughts, actions, emotions and reactions guide the quality of our life, growth and happiness.

I am beyond words proud of my parents.

My mother is finding more joy, day by day in the little things, without her even saying, I am watching it unfold. My dad, who is always loving but sometimes less tolerant, is being more loving and present for his bride of 50+ years. If only we all faced each day with this tolerance and openness.

Everyday I am so thankful for our lives and for being together. At times, simple lack of boundaries can be frustrating if you choose not to set them, but at the end of this day, my heart is so full of love and appreciation and pride. I don’t think my parents even realize they are rising above fear to let love in and help each other grow through this moment in time.

In each breath we must find grace, understanding and patience in ourselves and those around us. Without this we are individuals living an empty, and potentially selfish life.

I’m sure I will have so much more on this one in the coming days. My blessons?

  1. Think of a moment where you may not have been compassionate to a loved one going through a challenging situation.

  2. What was the root of this reaction? Keep asking why?

  3. What would you do if faced with this scenario again?

  4. If you could say or do anything to this person without judgment or fear what would you say or do?


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