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What the FOCus?!

We’ve been told time and again since we were little to focus. As far as I can recall, no one clarified fully what to focus on...

The challenge with focus is that we often focus on the why NOT to do something. The fear, the worst case scenario, the doubts, the comfort with the known. All of this focus is great if you want to stay in a firm stand still.

Imagine if we could instead laser focus on the amazing growth and opportunities that exist on the other side of the doubts and fear. If we let that emotions and excitement flow.

So often in life, I have spent time and energy on exploring all of the reasons why not to do something I really wanted to try. Frozen in the thoughts that I would fail, not do well enough, not be accepted or that I would somehow lose wealth or meaning. And the realization that I’ve grown the most in those seasons where I pushed through the doubts to stand firmly on the other side. Reflecting that the reality was never as big or as torturous as those things that I imagined. And that the reward ALWAYS was worth the jump and the perceived risk.

The price of growth is the weight we put on those fears. Start dreaming - create the life you seek and take action. That should be your focus.

I watched today as someone I love and respect pushed through these fears and doubts to claim her authentic self. To fully embrace her heart and stand firm in what she knew was right for her own life experience. I was so proud to watch her grace and fearless power emerge. I was reminded at how important it is to really truly and deeply focus on the opportunity, the experiences and the amazement that lies within reach, waiting only for us to get out of our own way.

Take a moment to consider

  • What one thing would you change tomorrow if you focused on the other side of a fear?

  • What’s the root of this fear?

  • What are the amazing outcomes you would create for yourself if you took action?


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