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Elastic Bands

Our patterns are tightly wound. They are a part of who we are and what makes us comfortable, even when the pattern is self-destructive in nature.

I was sitting on the couch playing with a hair band and realized that each time I would stretch the band, it would snap back into place, however, over time, the snap was slower and less tight.

I believe our patterns are like elastic bands. It takes a willingness and consistency to change, stretch, and eventually break them.

This can be a relationship that no longer serves, a habit that is no longer healthy, and a choice that has fulfilled it’s purpose.

BUT… these things can be changed. Over time, with discipline and conscious choices, we can stretch the tension, eventually giving enough pause and space to replace the habit/relationship with something new. This hesitation, this grace, may be all we need to form new tendencies. To make new choices.

Sometimes, the elastic band will be stretched so far that it snaps under the pressure. This will cause a momentary sting - and then a freedom when the tension to return to the previous state is finally and fully released!

Can you…

  1. Think of a habit, choice or relationship that you are stretching on a daily basis?

  2. What are you wanting to fill that tension with?

  3. What could happen when the band snaps?


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