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Sorting Spoons

Since I decided to take a leave from work to spend time with my mother who is fighting cancer, I have found an amazing number of drawers, shelves, boxes and papers to sort. I was judging myself for spending so much time on these activities, thinking they were a waste of time.

There were so many big things going on around me. My mom and her new health challenge, my dad adjusting to the situation, my son and our family life. My work life, and what the changes would mean. What was I doing spending time on these little things instead of taking on the bigger issues that were all around me?

I then had a coaching session of my very own. Through some excellent questions, I came to realize what all this sorting was really about.

It wasn’t to deflect from life, it was about the little things, that in a very challenging time brought me some comfort and a feeling of control and safety.

While everything around me seemed to be spinning and scary… A downright nasty closet became an orderly oasis. My cutlery drawer found a new order. My packed garage had organization and space. There was safety and accomplishment in each of these activities.

Sometimes… when we focus on small projects. Those initiatives with a beginning and an end, it may be our way of finding small comfort and safety.

Are you:

  1. Spending time on little projects to escape from bigger issues?

  2. What is the positive you can take away from each project?

  3. How can you leverage this feeling to take on some of your bigger challenges?


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