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Solitaire Daze

Given my new shift in EVERYTHING - I’ve found myself playing an inordinate amount of Spider Solitaire.

Each time I hit - “new deal”, I know that I am avoiding myself and potentially wasting time versus confronting my fears and moving the proverbial yardstick. I actually don’t even want to calculate how many articles I could have written in the last 60 days if it weren’t for this game and my choice to focus on something so finite.

I started judging myself each time I hit play again. Instead of finding any peace or presence in playing the game, I was anxious about the things I could be achieving in the same time (5 minute increment at a time). You see, once you SEE something, it is so hard to unsee it.

I’ve had so many changes in the past 3 months that, too many times, I have been neglecting writing and owning every precious moment of my day to day.

I believe many of us going through profound changes cling to the little things that seemingly bring a sense of comfort and safety.

Natural of course! Tonight - I managed to close that little app and do something that will make a difference for me.

One singular step forward at a time - is all it takes to MOVE!

So, I ask you…

  1. What activity do you find yourself spending time on that is your guilty pleasure?

  2. If you could spend that time doing something to make positive change in your life, what would that be?

  3. Why do you choose the guilty pleasure?The challenge with focus is that we often focus on the why NOT to do something. The fear, the worst case scenario, the doubts, the comfort with the known. All of this focus is great if you want to stay in a firm stand still.


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