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Resilience spirit animal is a raccoon. There is so much to be said about these little critters. While many times destructive, they are ALWAYS strong, smart, and capable of amazing feats to survive and thrive.

Lately, they have been appearing on my back deck at dusk. Sometimes I think they are taunting me and even maybe… flipping me the bird as I knock feverishly on the window to scare them away. Other times, I feel like they are a deep reminder to my soul about the true meaning and purpose of resilience.

What I have experienced this past year is amazing if I sit and consider it all as an observer.

When given the chance and choice, many of us push against change. We first see change as negative or scary. Why do we go here first? Why do we work so hard to keep things the same?

Change is certain. Why are we, as humans, wired to not accept and even embrace it? To see the growth, learning and opportunity within it.

This past year:

We decided for my 12 year old (going on 20) to do virtual school in grade 7. Never done before. First question: How will this impact his ability to interact and be in the World? Will he be forever harmed? Second question: How will he adapt, flourish and grow with the love of his family?

I changed jobs from a global exec position in a public company to a leadership position in a tech start-up. First question: What if I fail - imposter syndrome full on comes in to sabotage my creativity and drive. Second question - How do I move faster to execute on all these crazy new ideas that are exciting and on fire?

My parents moved in with us. First question: How do we make this work with such a difference in everything across 3 generations? Second question: Why didn’t we do this sooner and how do we transmute frustration to respect, empathy and learning?

My mom was diagnosed with an illness. First question: What will this mean for all of us? Second question: How the hell do we unite to make each and every day the best.

You see, I like to believe that I am a positive thinker that embraces change and yet at every junction my ego catches the first light.

The first go-to for many of us may be doubt, fear and worry. BUT - the other reality is that change is a constant and as humans we have the choice and capacity to see that change and adversity also presents gifts and an opportunity for exponential growth.

It is up to us to choose to see the blessing and learning in even the darkest and most challenging of circumstances.

It is also amazing to me that when a tidal wave of change is forced upon us - we have the capacity to feel, heal, adjust and breathe into our new reality. Within moments we have the capacity to accept and thrive in a new reality.

In reflection:

  1. What situation have you experienced recently that made you shift? How did you feel?

  2. Did you push against the change or accept the new reality?

  3. What can you learn and see as a gift even if the situation may at first glance seem negative?


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