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Burrs Hit

Those naturally amazing little bastards really stick.

They stick to everything… to the item they cling into initially, to your hand and fingers when you try to remove them, and amazingly, somehow to the space in between.

The Webster dictionary defines them as “something that sticks or clings.” Right? Pretty astute. I started thinking about a burr as those habits and patterns I want to change. And then to relationships that no longer serve me. Stuck - little pieces - shards - forever in place.

Then, I realized that like those friggin burrs, our relationships and experiences forever mold us. We are who we are because of them. Those little pieces that stick in are the things that create our judgements, our thoughts and, even our heart.

How about that! Those things, we try to pluck off because we are ready to move on. Little pieces stay with us and help us become the pillar of strength and knowing that we are today.

Can you recall..

  1. A burr you tried to pick off?

  2. What did those little pieces leave you with?

  3. What are you thankful for for those pieces?


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